Uncle Fred helps you sound like a local

Boerne  (BURN-ee) is a town west of San Antonio

Bowie (BOO-wee) is the Texas pioneer and the name sake for South Austin's James Bowie High School.  If you're talking rock star David Bowie, it's pronounced Bowie (BOH-ee.)

Buda (BYOO-duh) is a growing suburb just south of Austin.  Legend has it the area was once a ranch run by a widow and the Spanish word for widow is viuda (VIEW-dah)-- hence the pronunciation of the town name.

Burnet (BURN-it)-- Durnit, you need to learn how to pronounce the name of this town just northwest of Austin.  Here's a hint:  Carol Burnet doesn't say it the same way.

Cantú (kahn-TOO)--  My family gives it the traditional Spanish pronunciation with emphasis on the U.  Most people give it a more English pronunciation Cantu (can-TOO) and that's fine, too.

Cesar Chavez (CHAH-ves)--East and West 1st Street through downtown Austin was renamed after the Navy vet turned civil rights leader.  His birthday is an official Texas state holiday.

Coupland (COPE-lund)-- a lovely spot in the farmlands between Elgin and Taylor east of Austin.

Del Valle (Dell Valley)-- This area southeast of downtown Austin is home to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Elgin (EL-gin with a hard G)-- Another growing community.  This one is east of Austin on Highway 290 just past Manor.

Gatti's vs Gattis-- Mr. Gatti's (GAT-ees) is a homegrown pizza chain.  Gattis (GAT-iss) School Road is a major roadway in Round Rock.

Geezinslaws (Also with a hard G)-- A progressive post modern country band fronted by local musician and media personality Sammy Allred.  They're just fun.

Gorzycki (go risky)-- The namesame of an AISD middle school is southwest Austin near the Circle C Ranch neighborhoods.

Govalle (Go Valley)-- This is a street in east Austin.

Gruene (Green)-- This town is famous for it's legendary entertainment spot, Gruene Hall.

Guadalupe (GWAHD-loop)-- It's the street that runs along the west side of the University of Texas campus, otherwise knows as "the Drag."  But if you're talking about the patron saint of Mexico, it's pronounced Guadalupe (wah-dah-LOO-peh.)

Helotes (huh-LOW-tiss)-- Helotes is the Spanish word for corn on the cob. But it's also the name of a NW San Antonio suburb just outside Loop 1604.

Huston-Tillotson (Houston)-- This is a historic Black college in east Austin.  It also happens to sit on one of the highest spots in the city.

Hutto (HUT-toe)-- It used to be a farm town.  But now the suburbs have reached this far east.

Koenig (KAY-nig)-- This lane is a busy east-west thoroughfare through north central Austin.

Kreuz (KRITES rhymes with lights) - Yum.  Kreuz Market in Lockhart is famous for its Barbeque.  Lockhart is on US 183 about a half-hour drive south of Austin.

Lake Buchanan (BUCK-cannon)-- Just west of Burnet, this is one of the jewels of a chain we call the Highland Lakes.

Leakey (LAY-key)-- A town in the ranch land southwest of San Antonio.

Lehman High School (LAY-mun)-- Is a high school in Kyle in northern Hays county.  Not to be confused with the financial tycoon Lehman Brothers (LEE-mun) in New York. 

Llano (LAN-o rhymes with TAN-o))-- If you take Highway 71 west of Austin and go past the exit for US 281 to Marble Falls and Burnet-- this is the next town up.  It really hops during deer hunting season.

Manchaca (MAN-shack)-- This is the end of the road-- Manchaca Road.  It's a growing suburb proud of its Manchaca Fire & Rescue.  Interestingly the town is named after Jose Antonio Menchaca (men-CHAH-kuh..)

Manor (MAY-nur)-- This town east of Austin is still known for Manor Downs although it closed to horse racing back in 2011.

Mueller (Miller)-- Perhaps only Robert Mueller's family pronounced it like this.  But since our old airport was named after him (and the Mueller Neighborhood on the site is named after the airport,) we learned to say it that way.

Murchison (MUR-kih-sun)-- This middle school in Northwest Austin is a favorite cardboard-sledding area on those rare snow days.

Navasota (NAV-uh-so-tuh)-- The NAV part rhymes with CAV and MAV for you basketball fans.  It's an East Austin Street named after the Navasota River..

Pedernales (purr-duh-NAL-es)-- This river runs through the hill country toward Lake Travis.  There's a a nice Pedernales State Park near Johnson City.

Pflugerville (FLEW-gur-ville)-- This little town used to be way out there, but is now considered close-in on the northside just east of I-35.  BTW-- I've been told that a closer pronunciation would be rhymes with Booger-ville.

San Jacinto (san juh-SIN-toe) is the way the street is pronounced here in Austin.  If you drive down to San Antonio you'll find it pronounced the more traditional San Jacinto (sahn hah-SEEN-toe.)

San Marcos (San Marcus) is America's fast growing city and home to the #2 tourist destination in Texas: the outlet malls.  I can't explain why they pronounce it San Marcus.  They just do.

Starcke (STAR--key)-- This is the hydroelectric dam that forms Lake Marble Falls.

Weir (WEER rhymes with beer)-- Is a small town northeast of Georgetown. It's also the last name of local country singing legend Rusty Weir.

Welcome to Austin.  We're proud to have you here.  One of the first things you'll notice is that some names in the area have a pronunciation unlike you've ever heard before.  Get used to it.  It's been this way for generations.
Here are some examples:
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